Clear Skin Program

    Acne is a serious condition of the skin, and one of my specialties. There are many factors that lead to the cause and there is no simple quick fix, however we have personalized treatments for you with an extensive history providing consistent results. 

    Skin care products alone are not enough - together we will address lifestyle triggers and will provide specialized products adjusted to your needs. Every two weeks we will evaluate your skin's response and adjust if necessary.

    Doctors may give prescription antibiotics or retinoids, but they are temporary fixes with side effects and most often do not come with long term benefits.

    Meta Skin Studio's Clear Skin Program includes:

    Your personal skin clearing coach
    I’m here for you. I care about your skin and health. Through the process, we will discuss lifestyle triggers, and I will actively monitor your progress and adjust your product and treatment regime based on your skin's response.

    Customized acne treatments
    Your acne treatments will be customized for you every time I see you. The types of treatments you may receive will include some or all of the following: deep pore cleansing acne facials, extractions, chemical peels and LED light therapy.

    Professional strength skin care
    Along with your treatments, I will recommend a skin care regime based on the look and feel of your skin and how it is responding to everything we're doing.

    A clear skin diet plan
    Your diet directly affects your skin. I will educate you on what foods may be aggravating your acne and what supplements to take to help stop it from the inside out.