Clear Skin Program Consultation
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I will assess your skin, type of acne, and go over the program and what to expect.

 The clear skin program consultation is the most important step to getting clear, as I will do a full evaluation, give you all the in depth information necessary, and all the homecare recommendations to get started on your journey to clear skin.

Here is what our past program graduate Kat (from our pics here) had to say:

    "I have been dealing with acne for 10 years....however over the last 4 years, while in my late twenties, it has seemed to have gotten worse. I was recommended Nicole by two of my friends who said she had done wonders for them. When I met Nicole I could tell that she REALLY cared about skincare, I mean super into it, which was cool.  She was less about the “frou frou” and trendy side of the business and more about the actual taking care of your skin and getting down to business side of it.

  I signed up right away and the first time I put the products on my face from day 1 I had a feeling that this program was going to be a game changer. I LOVE her products.

  It took 3 months to get my face mostly clear (the 1- 3 month period was the hardest) and 5-6 months to get my face fully clear. Even though there were times when it seemed like I wanted to throw in the towel (because this is a program that involves lifestyle changes not just products) I never did. I stuck through it because Nicole was so encouraging and helpful and we gradually changed my products and potency as needed.

Now, fast forward, here I am 6 months later , make up free and confident about my skin which was my only wish. I get compliments on my skin all the time. I would recommend this program over and over again! I know I am on a journey and my work is not over yet but now I feel more knowledgeable about skincare and love taking care of my skin. Thank you Nicole!!  Xo"

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