Clean Green Cleansing Gel
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Fresh smelling hydrating and soothing, foaming cleanser for head to toe.   Good for the entire family and as a soothing and hydrating shaving gel.  


Ingredient Highlights:

  • Bitter orange blossom water:  Gives a naturally light and fresh smell to the cleanser reminiscent of the south of France and the Mediterranean.  Also hydrating.
  • Green and white teas: Gives a naturally light, clean, and relaxing smell to the cleanser.  Powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from environmental stress and pollution.  Anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Marine Extracts (sea algaes and kelp): Attracts moisture into the skin and protects against environmental radiation.
  • Soothing botanicals and extracts (oat amino acids, aloe, chammomile, arnica, rosemary): Extremely soothing, nourishing and anti-inflammatory.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Attracts moisture into the skin, gives a plumping appearance, wound healing.  A naturally occurring compound in our skins own moisturizing factor and joints.  Our bodies have a harder time to produce this as we age so its good to apply topically.
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