Let's talk about why we need fish oil

Salmon with letuce and fish oil

Lets talk about why we need fish oil.  

Vegans please don't hate me!

In a recent study that compared data from the United States and Germany, 98% of the participants fell below the optimal range of Omega-3 in the body.  Studies also show that generally people with active acne and or rosacea tend to be Omega-3 deficient as well.

Why are Omega-3's important for your skin?  

For the skin omega-3 fatty acids help with the natural moisture barrier and inflammation by assisting the skin to create its own ceramides (which helps to retain moisture and fight off invasive elements like bacteria, fungus and even damage from pollution) literally helping your skin to be moisturized from within, they stimulate healthy oil production(vs overproduction of inflammatory oils) and fight off inflammation.

Where do we find Omega-3's in the diet?

The best source of Omega-3s utilized by the human body come from eating cold water oily fish like sardines, cod and salmon or supplementing with their oils.  This can be an issue if the client is allergic to fish and or vegan or vegetarian.  In my experience in treating acne, the most difficult cases to clear over and over again have been vegans or vegetarians (please dont hate me!). I frequently notice the effects of omega 3 deficiencies in the skin in such clients even not experiencing acne for example with chronically dehydrated skin, extreme sensitivity and other signs of comprised barrier. 

This poses an issue particularly for acne clients as the strongest sources of vegan and liquid omega-3s come from algae and flax which are both big acne no-no's.  The best vegan sources for acne I have found are from Ahi-flower extract.  It's not ideal still as it only comes in capsule form so far and not as a liquid which means a deficient person with poor digestion wont absorb it correctly, but is better than nothing.

So what do we gather from this?  Is fish oil good for you and your skin?

So in conclusion, for healthy moisturized skin and a glowing barrier from within, beyond using the right products at home, I highly recommend taking a liquid fish oil supplement (we love and sell Barleans since it actually tastes good), and if you're vegan or vegetarian with acne, take Ahi- Flower supplement, if not acne prone flax or algae liquid sourced is good.

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