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Lets start with...what is it exactly?

    Hyaluronic acid is a key substance that is naturally produced by our body, which has a unique ability to bind and retain water molecules.  It is most abundantly found in our skin, but also importantly exists in other parts of our body like in our body fluids, joints and eyes.

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The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid in Skincare

Can Face Oil Replace Moisturizer?

Face oils and oil based "balm" moisturizers are SO popular these days due to the glowy dew they instantly give to the skin and lovely nourishing FEELING they have when applied.  

oil blob

With that said....NO, it is not good for the skin to use a face oil or balm instead of moisturizer.  Here's why...

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Can Face Oil Replace Moisturizer?

Why you should wear sunscreen in the winter

Client Case #1

woman in the rain

So many clients I've seen over the years say "I wear sunscreen religiously in summer when it's sunny out, but not if it's cold and overcast". 

Once I had a young woman in her early 20s from Vancouver, Canada who's boyfriend brought her for her first facial.  She was wondering about a new dark and mishapen mole she had show up on her nose that would also scab over and bleed often. She said it had also grown rapidly in the last few months from a tiny speck to a more visible spot(why her boyfriend bought her the facial actually thinking I could get rid of it. 

I legally couldn't tell her outright it was skin cancer since I'm not a physician, 

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Why you should wear sunscreen in the winter

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