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Benefits of Coconut Oil On the Skin

I'm always preaching against using coconut oil on your face because of it's super comedogenic properties, and the issue of heavy oil use disturbing the skin's natural moisture barrier (you can read my previous blog post here: "Can Face Oil Replace Moisturizer" if you want to learn more about that).

But that doesn't mean that I hate all things coconut oil, or find that all of it's uses are bad for the skin.  Coconut oil has many benefits to the skin, but they may just not be in the way you'd think or often read about.  

Let me explain further...

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Benefits of Coconut Oil On the Skin

The Proper Order of Your Skincare Routine

AAAHHH yes... the oh so common question "what order do I use these?", "is it ok to put this on first?."
It may seem so simple, but when I need a client to use multiple serums per day to achieve the results we're aiming for, the proper order of all your skincare products can seem like a lot, and be overwhelming for a lot of clients and people in general.

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The Proper Order of Your Skincare Routine

Lets start with...what is it exactly?

    Hyaluronic acid is a key substance that is naturally produced by our body, which has a unique ability to bind and retain water molecules.  It is most abundantly found in our skin, but also importantly exists in other parts of our body like in our body fluids, joints and eyes.

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The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid in Skincare

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