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Clear Age Soothing Moisturizer

Clear Age Soothing Moisturizer

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A very soothing yet deeply hydrating moisturizer for irritated, red and acne prone skin. Our Clear Age Soothing Moisturizer is great as well to aid dry and irritated skin from those undergoing acne treatments, peels or laser. 

This moisturizer will benefit all skin types as it restores the skin's natural barrier including sensitive and acneic skin types.

No added fragrance (but does have a natural odor of the ingredients).

Ingredient Highlights

  • Safflower oleosomes:  this is naturally high in soothing linoleic acid which most acneic and rosacea skin is lacking.  Safflower oleosomes are also very high in vitamin E, and help the skin to stimulate it's own ceramides, making a barrier restoring super ingredient.
  • Allantoin: is a naturally cooling and soothing plant compound mostly derived from comfrey or chammomile.  It has several barrier restoring benefits such as aiding in cell proliferation without irritation, and providing essential hydration and moisture to the skin.

Nourish and soothe your skin with our Clear Age Soothing Moisturizer today!

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