Vegans, vegetarians or allergic to fish and seafood? You need this...


Vegans, vegetarians or allergic to fish and seafood? You need this...

A month or so ago, I posted on the extreme importance of Omega-3's for our skin and overall health in my post “lets talk about why we need fish oil, vegans please don’t hate me” :

Well vegans, need no longer hate me anymore LOL.  While most people eating a standard western diet are omega-3 difficient, vegans and vegetarians are particularly lacking and this poses issues when helping them with their skin.  Well, I have found a solution! 

Vegan/vegetarian Omega-3 Options

While the best sources of Omega 3 that the body can absorb well are animal and fish sourced, there are some vegan options available. 

Omega 3 pills
  • Micro-algae based omega 3 supplements: they are environmentally friendly, but not ideal as they are mostly high in DHA, and we need a good balance with EPA for optimum health.  Also, algae is a massive acne trigger and should be avoided if dealing with breakouts. 
  • Flax: while being great for post menopausal women for it's estrogenic benefits, it is not strong enough as a supplement for someone already deficient in Omega 3 due to it's large conversion steps in the body to become EPA/DHA. It is also an acne trigger due to it's natural phytoestrogen content.

  Enter Ahiflower oil! 


  Ahiflower Oil is a plant source of the omega-3 fatty acids alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and stearidonic acid (SDA), and omega-6 GLA.

The presence of SDA in Ahiflower Oil makes it distinct from flaxseed oil. Human clinical trials have shown that Ahiflower Oil has up to four times (4x) more efficient conversion to eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) than flaxseed oil! 

 This makes it ideal for vegans and vegetarians, and is safe for acne! Woohoo!


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