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Hard Water & Soft Water Effects on Skin

Hard Water & Soft Water Effects on Skin

  Have you ever been to a hot spring or swam in a pure salt water pool?  Notice how your skin probably looked amazing, like glowing and smooth for days after?  

  Ever wonder why all the big models of the 90s claimed to wash their hair with  Evian?  Or why Evian makes a face spray that's just their water too?  

  It's the mineral and chemical contents in water that make them hard or soft, and they each have different benefits or pitfalls for skin and health, which we'll be delving into further here....

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Is Mandelic Acid Good for the Skin?  What is it exactly?

Is Mandelic Acid Good For The Skin?  What is it exactly, and what does it do?

Guys, mandelic acid is AMAZING for the skin!  Let's talk about what it does, why it's awesome, and why i recommend it for most adults who need aging and acne support at the same time.

What Is Mandelic Acid anyways?

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It's National Eczema Week!  What products and treatments are good for eczema?

It's National Eczema Week

Today kicks off National Eczema Week.  Eczema comes in oh so many different forms and subcategories.  From miniscule patches of dry skin you'll barely notice, to debilitating rashes, eczema show's up in so many different ways, and most people have experienced some form of eczema throughout their life.  Let's take a closer look at what eczema really is and what we can do to help manage it.

So What Is Eczema?

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Let's talk about why we need fish oil

Lets talk about why we need fish oil.  

Vegans please don't hate me. 


In a recent study that compared data from the United States and Germany, 98% of the participants fell below the optimal range of Omega-3 in the body.  Studies also show that generally people with active acne and or rosacea tend to be Omega-3 deficient as well.

Why are Omega-3's important for your skin?

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Is Mineral Sunscreen Good for My Skin?


Is Mineral SPF Good For My Skin?


                          sun for all                            YES!!!  Yes it is and we love it!!!  While mineral SPF comes with it's own set of issues, which we'll go over in a sec, we do love and prefer mineral SPF over chemical sunscreen filters for a few reasons.....                                                      




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