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The founder of Meta Skincare and Meta Skin Studio, is a highly trained and experienced esthetician with a passion for skincare that goes beyond the surface. With nearly 14 years in the professional skincare industry, she has worked with top dermatologists, treated celebrities, and trained esthetic and medical practitioners across the US.

Specializing in the treatment of acne, rosacea, and cellular aging, Nicole has developed highly effective protocols and programs for achieving visible results, even for challenging skin conditions.

At Meta Skincare, we are committed to bringing you the most modern and technologically advanced skincare solutions, using researched-backed ingredients and active botanicals to deliver real, lasting results.


Cruelty Free

I do not believe in the use of animal testing in skincare or cosmetics,
or cruelty towards animals in the ingredients sourced for our products.

Made In Small Batches, But Mighty In Strength

Meta Skincare was originally designed for only my in office clientele, whom trusted
me with their often difficult and complicated skin issues where other lines and treatments didn't help them or even caused their problems. This meant our products had to have very specific active results. It also meant that I needed to make sure I used labs with experience in developing clinical skincare, so that the actives would not be diluted like the majority of commercial products, yet also have access to my beloved plant and botanical ingredients. Through lots of late night research, and communication with labs and chemists across north America, we were able to work with the right labs with whom we then developed our small but potent batches of targeted skincare that I can now share with you. Read More

Eco-friendly Practices, Fair Trade & Sustanable Ingredients

I only purchase biodegradable shipping peanuts and packing materials.
I also love to reuse packing items from our supplier's and labs shipments to us, so they don't go to waste. Meta Skincare bottles are recyclable, and any plastics used are made from the most environmentally stable sources. We are making a serious commitment to continue to bring environmental sustainability as an important factor in the development of our brand and products. Read More

Research And Nature Make One Hell Of A Combo

All of our potent ingredients used have research to back up their efficacy and results.
With that said, we also love the gifts of nature, and use ethically sourced, active plant extracts and botanicals in our products that have research backed results, and just may even smell amazing too! Read More

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