Skin Transformations happen here! Enjoy our bright and modern studio in Borrego Springs, CA where you can expect us to take a deep dive into learning about your skins "story", and coming up with solutions that transform your skin at a cellular level.


Skin Transformation Facial  $200 / VIP $180

This 90-minute, Korean technology-based, treatment gives instant and long-term results and is customized to improve the appearance of aging, sun damage, rosacea, and acne. Instant wowing results are followed by long-term improvements to the skin. All products and devices are customized to your personal skin needs. These treatment include at least three high tech devices. Includes a relaxing eye, neck and lip treatment.


Holistic Skin Clearing Facial $165 / VIP $148.50

Typical acne treatments target the teenage and excessively oily skinned markets. These generalized treatments tend to strip the skin and don't take aging into account. At Meta Skin Studio, we use a cutting edge herbal, anti-inflammatory based program and multiple gentle technologies to clear and smooth the skin while improving signs of aging at the same time. This treatment is effective for even the most sensitive acne prone skin. (for long-term skin clearance, please see the Clear Skin Program)


Hydra-derm Facial $165 / VIP $148.50

You work hard and so should your skin care treatments. Utilizing Meta Skin Studio's own Korean high tech hydra-derm machine, watch your skin renew, clear, and glow in just one 60 minute treatment. This is followed by a customized mask that treats the eye area, lips and neck, and a hearty scalp, neck and shoulder massage. You'll look and feel like new!


Virtual Skin Consultation $100

I will send you a detailed questionnaire after your booking, and we will then meet via video chat for 30 minutes, where we will discuss your skin concerns, assess your skin and create your solution plan. The fee for the video consutation is fully redeemable towards product purchase.



30-minute additional neck, head, and shoulder massage $30

Because so much time goes into the process of improving and clearing your skin in each Meta Facial, there is no time for a short massage. Make your facial or peel more relaxing with 30 minutes extra treatment time for massage.

Additional anti-aging and skin clearing devices $30

In every facial, we may decide to use additional high-tech devices to achieve your desired results, adding 15 minutes of additional treatment time.

Peel Consultation $75

Includes pre and post peel kit

Miami Peel

  • A la carte $100
  • Added on to any facial $50
  • Added on to back of hands $30
  • Miami Peel and Retinoid combined $125

The Miami Peel was developed by leading dermatologists from the University of Miami to treat hyperpigmentation (spots on the skin) and photoaging in ALL skin tones. It is very versatile and can be used on sensitive skin or bumped up for more intense peeling results. Great for lightening hyperpigmentation on the chest and hands as well! 

At Meta Skin Studio, we are masters of gentle speed waxing. We use only the best hard and strip waxes for our clients to maintain minimal skin irritation and redness.

To ensure the best waxing experience, all new clients are required to fill out our online intake form before arrival and purchase a post waxing care kit at their first appointment

Brazilian $65

Bikini $40

Bikini plus Behind $50

Happy Trail $65 

Half Leg $40

Full Leg $65

Underarms $22

Half Arms $35

Full Arms $50

Fingers $65

Nostrils $12

Lip $12

Sideburns $18

Full Face $45

Brow Cleanup $25

Expert Brow Design $35

Post-wax redness canceling powder and makeup dusting $10