Pumpkin smoothing wash
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A warming pumpkin spice cleanser that also smooths and refines the texture and tone of your skin. 

Its naturally occurring retinoid action from pumpkin and its lactic acid content, leave the skin clarified, smooth and glowing.

ingredient highlights:

  • Pumpkin- high in naturally occurring acids and enzymes that smooth the texture of the skin and refine the pores. High in beta-carotene which converts to retinol in the skin. Gives a sensory experience with the smell of autumn.
  • Clove oil- anti-bacterial, anti fungal and clarifying. Gives a sensory experience with the warming smell of spice.
  • Lactic Acid- smooths the texture of the skin while also bringing in moisture and a dewy glow. The most gentle of all alpha-hydroxy acids.

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