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Is coconut oil good for your skin?

Is Coconut Oil Good For Your Skin?

Well...kind of.... yes and no. 

Applying coconut oil straight as is from the jar, is a hard no.  But, that does not mean that coconut oil doesn't have beneficial properties that can be extracted and utilized in skincare, and that ALSO does not mean that it's not super awesome for your skin and body when you eat or cook with it.  To better explain why, let's look further in depth into the makeup of coconut oil.

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Why I love our Clear Age Dew Drops
It's starting to heat up outside, and my Clear Age Dew Drops are the best hydrator for hot summer weather, when moisturizers can feel too heavy, which is why I've decided to put them on sale early at 15% off for Memorial Day Weekend, until June 1st!  
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